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Government Records Request Form (OPRA)

  1. Requestor Information
  2. Please include area code and extension.
  3. Preferred Delivery*
  4. To expedite the request, be as specific as possible in describing the records being requested.
  5. Type of Access Requested*
  6. If Data, Medium Requested*
  7. Payment Information
  8. Select Payment Method
  9. Fees
    Paper Size 8 ½ X 11: $0.05 per page / Paper Size 8 ½ X 14: $0.07 per page
  10. Delivery
    Delivery / postage fees additional depending upon delivery type.
  11. Extras
    Extraordinary service fees dependent upon request.
  12. Under penalty of N.J.S.A. 2C:28-3, I certify that I _______ been convicted of any indictable offense under the laws of New Jersey, any other state, or the United States.*
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