Fire/Rescue/OEM Building Project

The existing Fire/Rescue building on South Island Avenue was originally constructed as a firehouse in the 1950s. Since the original construction, multiple additions have been added to this building. 

As a result of the ongoing wear and tear from constant use - various structural problems, ongoing repairs, and the limitations to accommodate updated Emergency Services requirements, the Borough of Ramsey had considered options for either: extensive renovations or replacing the existing Fire Dept / Rescue Squad buildings on South Island Ave.  

After consultation with various professionals within the Ramsey Borough, we engaged Colliers Engineering and Design as an independent engineering firm to perform a review of current conditions, from a structural, ADA and overall perspective of the current building. 


In its 2022 report, Colliers provided a detailed analysis on its findings, conclusions, and recommendations.  Colliers Engineering and Design conclusion was that the most long-term cost-effective way to put in place the necessary infrastructure for supporting the operations of these emergency services was to construct a new shared station house.  The report in its entirety, may be found in this project folder.  


We have created this special folder on the Borough Website to house pertinent information about this project as it becomes known and/or approved by the Fire/Rescue Building Committee, Borough Administration, and Mayor & Council.  

Engineer Assessment of Fire/Rescue Building