Signs / Outdoor Storage

Grand Openings & Special Sales Events

Grand opening displays (banners, pennants, etc.) are permitted for 7 days. Special sales events and signs associated with these events must be approved by the Mayor and Council. A written request detailing the activity and signs must be submitted to the Mayor and Council. The Mayor and Council meet on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month.

Neon Signs

Neon signs are not permitted in Ramsey except if they are located more than 4 feet from the window pane. Existing neon signs were installed prior to the adoption of this ordinance.

Business Sign Applications

All signs on the exterior of a building must be approved by the Design Review Board prior to a permit being issued. The application to the Design Review Board must show the size, colors and type of lettering for the sign. Signs on Main Street and the B1 zone cannot be internally illuminated.

Outdoor Display or Storage

No products are allowed to be displayed outside. A business must conduct its operation as per the approval of the Planning Board. Any deviation from this approval (number of seats, size of tenant space, installation of sheds or storage structures, etc.) must be approved by the Planning Board.

Contact Information

Please contact the Zoning Officer, Jack D'Agostaro, by calling 201-825-3400, ext. 261 or emailing Jack D'Agostaro with any questions.