State Recycling Law

The State of New Jersey requires municipalities to be the enforcement agency for the State Recycling Law of 1987. New Jersey State Law requires everyone to recycle. There are no exceptions. That includes businesses, companies, schools, other institutions and private citizens.

It is the responsibility of every establishment to provide adequate space and facilities for recycling to be accomplished in the same way one must provide adequate space and facilities for proper care and handling of garbage. Any store or business which desires to avail itself of the facilities, is invited to use the Ramsey Recycling Center at no additional cost in the same way private residents may use it.

The Ramsey Recycling Center is located beyond the R.R. Station parking lot and the borough garage.

Help Implementing/Improving

If you have questions or if you need help in implementing or improving a recycling program, please feel free to call the borough Recycling Coordinator and/or your garbage and recycling hauler(s) for suggestions.

View a list of materials currently required to be recycled and accepted at the Recycling Center.