The State of New Jersey requires inspections at various points during construction.

Inspectors & Schedules 

Inspection Requests

For all inspections, please email inspections.

Requests for a particular inspection must be called into the borough Building Department at 201-825-3400, ext. 251. The inspectors have 3 business days from the time of the request in which to perform the inspection. Although many of the inspectors work on a part-time basis, they are customarily able to do the necessary inspection within the required time-frame. You can help improve the department's efficiency by making certain that someone is available to let the inspectors onto the premises. Please do not call for an inspection if the necessary work has not been completed.

Final Inspection

It is the owner's responsibility to call 201-825-3400, ext. 251 for final inspections once a project is completed. The successful completion of a final inspection leads to the Issuance of a Certificate of Occupancy or Certificate of Approval. The absence of these documents will hold up the sale of a property.

Elevator Inspections

The State of New Jersey handles elevator inspections.

Property Assessment

If you are concerned that a particular building project will have an impact on you property assessment, contact the Tax Assessor's Office. Please note: Added assessments we determined from the time construction is completed and not when a Certificate of Occupancy or Approval is issued.