Yard & Vegetative Waste

During the “leaf” season (October through December) residents may rake their leaves to the curb for pick up. As an extra service to the residents, if they have a contractor that is removing the leaves from their yard they can have them bring it to the recycling center provided they have an original letter signed and dated by the resident.

Please refer to the leaf schedule that is posted in October each year. All other yard waste (grass clippings, brush and leaves) must be taken to the recycling center. Limbs and branches are limited in size to 4-foot lengths and 6 inches in diameter.

Stumps, stones, rocks, railroad ties and old fences are not considered yard waste.

Recycling Newsletter

Please refer to the Recycling Newsletter for changes and new information on recycling. To obtain a copy, please call Borough Hall at 201-825-3400, ext 221.