Welcome to the Borough of Ramsey, NJ
Welcome to the Borough of Ramsey, NJ

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Ramsey Borough Hall
33 N. Central Avenue Ramsey, NJ 07446
Phone: 201-825-3400
Fax: 201-825-1745






Legislative power of the municipality is exercised by six elected council members and an elected mayor.

Council members are elected for three year terms and the Mayor is elected for a four year term.

Voter registration forms are available in the Municipal Clerk's Office. Mayor and Council meetings are held on the second and fourth Wednesdays of each month.


Deirdre A. Dillon

Residents are invited to attend and speak on proposed ordinances and address the Mayor and Council on other matters of concern at their meetings.

Residents can call ahead for an appointment any day of the week, at any time or if residents stop in and the Mayor is available, she will be happy to meet with residents.


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Vanessa Jachzel
Council President

William J. Jones

Ken Tyburczy

Harry Weber

Joseph Verdone

      Peter Kilman 


Council President Vanessa Jachzel
       Finance, Chairwoman
Councilman William Jones
       Public & Governmental
, Chairman
Councilman Ken Tyburczy
       Utilities, Buildings and Grounds, Chairman
Councilman Harry Weber
        Public Safety, Chairman
Councilman Joseph Verdone
       Building, Planning and Zoning, Chairman 
Councilman Peter Kilman
       Health, Education and Social Services, Chairman


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