Shade Tree Department

Though the trees in the borough come under the jurisdiction of the Shade Tree Commission, the Department of Public Works trims, elevates and removes about 90% of the tree work in town. Larger projects are contracted out on an annual basis by the Shade Tree Commission.

The Shade Tree Commission oversees the planting, removal, trimming and maintenance of all trees within the borough.

Any work that is to be performed on borough trees including the trimming or removal must first be approved by the commission. For further information, please call 201-825-3400, ext. 0. Borough trees are defined as those located within the borough right of way (usually the first 10 feet from the curb line) and all trees on municipal properties.

Tree Removal Permit

Anyone planning to remove more than 6 trees from private property in a 12-month period with a diameter in excess of 4 inches, measured on a tree height of 4 feet above the ground level requires a borough tree removal permit per Ordinance Number 30-2000. Fines will be imposed for violation of this ordinance.

Tree Damage

Damage can be done to trees by weed whackers and lawn mowers. Young trees can be severely damaged or even killed if their bark is torn by these machines. If you have someone to take care of your property, please advise them of this. A small bed around trees containing mulch is 1 solution to this problem.