Departments A-M

  1. Assessor

    The Tax Assessor's Office is responsible for accurately identifying, listing and valuing all real property within the Borough.

  2. Borough Clerk

    The Borough Clerk is a required position by New Jersey Law to serve as the secretary to the mayor and council, secretary the municipal corporation, chief administration official of all elections, custodian of public records and chief administrative officer of license and permits.

  3. Building Department

    The Building Department includes administration and enforcement of zoning, building and other codes.

  4. Bureau of Fire Prevention

    In accordance with the New Jersey State Uniform Fire Safety Act, all businesses are classified as either "life hazard use" or a "non-life hazard use."

  5. Engineering

    The Borough's Engineering Department is responsible for preparation of plans and specifications for publicly funded projects authorized by the governing body, administration of construction contracts and inspection of contract work.

  6. Finance

    View borough financial documents from audits to budgets.

  7. Fire Department

    Read the Fire Department's history and check out their website.

  8. Municipal Court

    The following matters are heard in Municipal Court: Traffic and parking summons, criminal matters and borough ordinance violations.

  9. Municipal Pool

    Explore the pool's website and Facebook page and meet personnel and Pool Commission members.